Creative Compelling Vision
With extensive marketing and business experience in a cross section of industries, Donnamarie works with companies who may face these problems:
Group Meeting
What is our marketing vision?
How do we stay competitive in our target market?
Is our brand image clear, concise and consistent?
What needs to be included in our marketing plan?
Where do we go from here?
To maximize results, Donnamarie works with you to:  
Understand your goals and objectives success
Review your existing marketing strategies
Obtain knowledge about your target market and competitors
Brainstorm new ideas to market your products and services
Develop a marketing plan - including online and offline strategy
Marketing Services


  • Marketing Consulting & Coaching Services
  • Business Consulting & Coaching Services
  • Integrated Marketing Services
  • Branding & Corporate Identity
  • Creative Strategies
  • Internet Marketing Services
  • Online Marketing
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Direct & Email Marketing
  • Brochure and Sales Support Materials
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